Developing a Multi-Objectives Job Rotation Model for Minimizing Job Related Injuries in Industries

A.S. Kheirkhah & V. Deljoo

A.S. Kheirkhah, Bo-Ali-Sina Hamedan University
V. Deljoo, Bo-Ali-Sina Hamedan University



Job rotation,
Objectives programming, noise, job severity, global criterion methods Working in noisy job shops and doing hard works reduce the efficiency of workers and the resulted injuries impose cost on such an industries. Since, there are different jobs and working environment within a factory, it is possible to reduce job related injuries through a suitable job rotation program. In this paper, we propose a model for determining the job rotation program; that is a bi-objective model applied to minimize daily noise exposure index as well as minimizing job severity index due to lost working days. The Global criterion “Lp- Metric” Method is proposed as the solution methodology. Finally, the model is applied in different cases and the results indicate better utilization compared to single objective models.

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