International Journal of Industrial Engineering & Production Management (2011)


September 2011, Volume 22, Number 2
pp. 127-143
Prioritizing of Production Fields in Machinery Industries by Topsis and AHP Methods for Preparing Iran Accession Plan to World Trade Organization (WTO)

Hamid Mashreghi, Nasim Nahavandi* & Mohammad Reza Amin Naseri

Hamid Mashreghi, Phd Student of Industrial Engineering, Tarbiat Modares University.
*Nasim Nahavandi, Corresponding Author, Assistant Professor ofIndustrial Engineering,Tarbiat Modares University Mohammad Reza Amin Naseri, Associated Professor ofIndustrial Engineering, Tarbiat Modares University

Keywords 1ABSTRACT

Globalization, Accession to WTO (World Trade Organization) is the most important
World Trade Organization (WTO), facets of globalization, that causes free trade. Although this way
Machinery Industry, empowers economical fields but would make vast bankrupts and
Prioritizing, unemployment, so the main strategy is defending from priorities in
Topsis, AHP, accession. Iran membership was accepted by WTO in 2005 and it is

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Clustering preparing action plans based on production priorities. Machinery industries with the most value added has main role in industrial priorities so the main contribution of this research is determining priorities in machinery industry. For achieving this goal after literature review we ran a Topsis model by expert opinions. The other contribution of this research is utilization of economical, social and environmental factors that make our analysis more applicable than former models (like Porter). With comparison by AHP results, finally four clusters appeared: leader, developing, reviewing and weak production groups that makes a regular base for accession plan to WTO.

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Corresponding author. Nasim Nahavandi
Email: [email protected]




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