Applying Simulated Annealing for Trip Distribution Entropy Model (Case Study)

Jamal Arkat, Masood Babakhani, & Babak Ebrahimi

Jamal Arkat, Assistant Professor, Department of Industrial Engineering, Kurdistan University
Masood Babakhani, Assistant Professor, Department of Industrial Engineering, Iran University Science & Technology Babak Ebrahimi, MSc. student, Department of Economy, Sharif University



Maximization Model, Simulated annealing, Transportation
Modeling, Trip
Trip distribution is a very important step in transportation modeling context. Many decent researches have been dedicated to the importance of the models for this third step of transportation modeling. Entropy maximization model is one of thermodynamic models and is implemented in modeling various scientific Phenomenons. As the name implies, entropy maximization model tries to find the maximum entropy under which a system is supposed to be stable. Making pretty little changes to the thermodynamic nature, we can very easily use this phenomenon to distribute trips. As the problem here is an NP-hard one, simulated annealing as a meta-heuristic algorithm is used for solving the problem. At the end, a real case model of trip distribution for Iran states as an application of this algorithm is examined.
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